Ghana – RiMFin

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Ghana – RiMFin


Mobile payments scheme for sale of crop by rice farmers. Our partners, a mobile financial services provider and the largest rice buyer in the country, transitioned the buyers cash payments to their smallholder farmer suppliers to mobile payments. LHB Associates conceptualized, designed, secured funding from VISA and helped to implement this initiative.

Rice Mobile Finance (RiMFin) – Ghana

The RiMFin initiative included Millicom Ghana Ltd. operating as Tigo, one of Ghana’s leading mobile network operators; the Ghana Agriculture Development Company (GADCO), a major rice producer and miller, and their rain-fed and irrigated rice farmers. In addition to being the largest mobile financial services provider, TigoCash was strategically interested in serving rural areas and provided an interoperable voucher code functionality that could accommodate farmers with non-TigoCash wallets.

RiMFin implemented a program pilot from September 2013 to June 2014. GADCO’s intent is to eventually source rice from 5,000 out-grower farmers for which they will mandate that farmers must receive crop payments into their TigoCash wallets or, for those farmers without a TigoCash wallet, via a voucher code that can be redeemed at a TigoCash agent. A motivating factor that helps to promote behavior change among farmers, in terms of mobile wallet adoption, is that GADCO will buy all their rice, as opposed to the previous situation whereby farmers had to find multiple buyers to sell their rice.